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    • Averagetrader.. Your father was a great man, full of love.. May God bless his soul and protect his family for generations to come.. Violence serves no purpose. Multiplying tools of human destruction is no less than evil.. Again, when I see my 4 years old son all day long on my side smile ( I am on vacation for the whole December and stay home with him)..It's so much joy.. I just cant imagine what the parents of Sandy Hook victime going through.. It must be the worst feeling I never, no parent, want to experience.. Let's make sure these kids death wont be vain.. Let's make sure it doesnt happen again. U can go sign the petition for gun control on the white house website..
    • My father fought in WWII when he came home from trench warfare he armed himself with the BIBLE! He was a great man to take me to Church every Sunday.
    • Very sad! Soon people not only own tanks but nuke then drop off some where on this earth!
    • Hi
    • My sense is that the conservatives are the uneducated people, devoid of common sense..
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